Setup Data Driven Script DSN Dialog Box

Use to create or modify the connection string for the DSN you select. Once you fill out this dialog, Silk Test Classic verifies that the DSN configuration is correct by connecting to the database, generating the 4Test code describing the DSN, and writing information into the data driven script.

Click Customize on the Select Data Source dialog box.

Source Provider

Select Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC, since Silk Test Classic uses ODBC to connect to data sources.

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC
Select Connect Using Data Source Name (DSN).
Connection Information
Select the data source that you selected on the Select Data Source dialog box.

The rest of the connection information displays information that the DSN requires before it can successfully make a connection. This information varies depending on the DSN you select. For more information about how to respond to the fields on this dialog, consult your database documentation or contact your database administrator.


Click to display the connection string.

If you choose an MS Excel DSN and use the Database field to specify a workbook, then the Connection String will incorrectly contain Database=<.xls file>. To correct this problem, cut the .xls file path out of the Database field and paste it into the Additional Connection String Parameters field, preceded by DBQ=. For example, DBQ=C:\TestExcel.xls.