Configuring a Network of Computers

To configure a network of computers so that they can run Silk Test Classic and the Silk Test Classic agents, perform the following steps:

  1. Install, or have already running, networking protocols supported by Silk Test Classic.
  2. Install Silk Test Classic on the host machine and the agent software on all target machines.
  3. Establish connectability between host and agents. This may be automatic or may require some setup, depending on the circumstances.
  4. Enable networking on any target machines. Use the Agent window, as described in Enabling Networking and Assigning the Classic Agent Name and Port.
  5. Enable networking on the host machine. Use the Runtime Options dialog box. Details may vary, depending on your configuration.
  6. Gather the information that your test scripts need when making explicit connections. For example, you can edit the agent names into a list definition and have your test plan pass the list variable name as an argument for test cases controlled by that plan. The test cases then pass each agent name to a Connect or SetUpMachine function and that function makes the explicit host-to-agent connection.

Configuration details are specific to the different protocols and operating systems you are using. In general, set up your Agents and make all adjustments to the partner.ini file or environment variables before enabling networking on the host machine.