Project Menu

The Project menu is only available if you have opened a project. The menu contains the following commands:

Command (Shortcut)
View Explorer

Toggles the Project Explorer view. If you do not want to view the Project Explorer, uncheck the Project > View Explorer check box.

Note: Turning off the Project Explorer view does not close your project. You can continue to work with the files within the project, you just will not see the Project Explorer. If you want to close your project, you must click File > Close Project.
Enables you to change the location of the Files and Global tabs from the left to right side of the main window and vice versa.
Project Description
Displays the Project Description dialog box, which you can use to modify the description of the current project. For additional information, see Project Description Dialog Box.
Add File
Displays the Add File to Project dialog box, where you can select a file to add to the current project.
Remove File
Removes the file selected on the Files tab from the project. The source file is not deleted; it is just removed from the current project. You cannot remove the projectname.ini file.