Running Tests on One Remote Target

Use one of the following methods to specify that you want a script, suite, or test plan to run on a remote target instead of the host:
  • Enter the name of the target Agent in the Runtime Options dialog box of the host. You also need to select a network protocol in the dialog box. If you have been testing a script by running Silk Test Classic and the Agent on the same system, you can then test the script on a remote system without editing your script by using this method.
  • Specify the target Agent’s name by enclosing it within brackets before the script or suite name. For example [Ohio]myscript.t.
  • You can select (none) in the Runtime Options dialog box of the host and then specify the name of the target Agent in a call to the Connect function in your script. For example, to connect to a machine named Ontario:
    testcase MyTestcase ()
      Connect ("Ontario")
      // Call first testcase
      DoTest1 ()
      // Call second testcase
      DoTest2 ()
      Disconnect ("Ontario"

When you are driving only one remote target, there is no need to specify the current machine; all test case code is automatically directed to the only connected machine.

When you use the multi-application support functions, you do not have to make explicit calls to Connect; the support functions issue these calls for you.