IsActive Function


AnyWin class.


Tests whether the window is the active window.


bActiveStatus = window.IsActive( )
Variable Description
bActiveStatus TRUE if the window is active. BOOLEAN.


  • IsActive returns TRUE if the window is the active window or is contained in the active window, or FALSE if it is not the active window. When a window is active, methods that affect the window, such as setting the text in a text box in that window, will work as expected.

  • To specify that Silk Test Classic should automatically verify that windows are active before interacting with them, set the OPT_VERIFY_ACTIVE option to TRUE, using the SetOption method.

  • The Open Agent supports the function AnyWin::IsActive for the MoveableWin class and its derived classes only. For instance, calling IsActive on a MainWin or MoveableWin is supported, but calling it on a PushButton raises an error.


[-] if(!TextEditor.IsActive()
	[ ] TextEditor.SetActive()