Sorting Resources within the Global Tab of the Project Explorer

On the Global tab of the Project Explorer, you can sort the resources within each category (node) by resource name, file name, or file date.

To sort resources:

  1. If your project is not already open, click File > Open Project or click Open Project > Open Project on the basic workflow bar, select the project whose elements you want to sort, and then click Open.
  2. On the Project Explorer, click the Global tab, right-click the node associated with the type of element you want to sort, and then click Sort by FileName or Sort by FileDate. The default is sort by element name.
  3. Click Ascending or Descending to indicate how you want to organize the sort. For example, to sort the elements of a script file by file date in reverse chronological order, right-click the Script node and select Sort by FileDate, then click Descending. When you release the mouse, the elements are sorted by the parameters you selected.