ExceptCalls Function


Returns a list of the function calls that have caused an exception during the execution of the current test case.


lcFunctions = ExceptCalls ( )
Return Description
lcFunctions The returned information. LIST OF CALL.


ExceptCalls returns a list of records of type CALL, each of which corresponds to one function call. A CALL record has three fields, which are described in the following table:

Field Description
iLine The line number in the script where the call or exception occurred. INTEGER.
sFunction The name of the function in which the call or exception occurred. STRING.
sModule The name of the file that contains sFunction. STRING.

The list of CALL records begins with the most recent call and progresses sequentially backward from the function where the exception occurred.


[-] testcase ExceptCallsTest ()
	[-] do  
		[ ] MyFunction () 
	[-] except  
		[ ] PrintCallStack (ExceptCalls ()) 
		[ ] MyFunction () 
		[ ] Print ("In MyFunction") 
		[ ] raise 1, "raise an exception here" 
		[ ] PrintCallStack (LIST OF CALL lcCall)
		[ ] CALL Call 
		[-] for each Call in lcCall
			[ ] Print ("MODULE: {Call.sModule}", "FUNCTION: {Call.sFunction}", "LINE: {Call.iLine}") 
	[ ] // This script prints: 
	[ ] // In MyFunction 
	[ ] // MODULE: test.t FUNCTION: MyFunction LINE: 12 
	[ ] // MODULE: test.t FUNCTION: main LINE: 4