Adding a Folder to the Files Tab of the Project Explorer

You may add a folder to any of the categories (nodes) on the Files tab of the Project Explorer. You may not add a folder to the root project folder, nor change the titles of the root nodes.

To add a folder to a project:

  1. If your project is not already open, click File > Open Project or click Open Project > Open Project on the basic workflow bar. Select a project, then click Open.
  2. In the Project Explorer, click the Files tab, right-click a folder and select Add Folder.
  3. On the Add Folder dialog box, enter the name of the new folder, then click OK. When you are naming a folder, you may use alphanumeric characters, underscore character, character space, or hyphens. Folder names may be a maximum of 256 characters long. Creating folders with more than 256 characters is possible, but Silk Test Classic will truncate the name when you save the project. The concatenated length of the names of all folders within a project may not exceed 256 characters. You may not use periods or parentheses in folder names. Within a node, folder names must be unique.