Overview of Apache Flex Support

Silk Test Classic provides built-in support for testing Apache Flex (Flex) applications using Internet Explorer or the Standalone Flash Player, and Adobe AIR applications built with Flex 4 or later.

Silk Test Classic also supports multiple application domains in Flex 3.x and 4.x applications, which enables you to test sub-applications. Silk Test Classic recognizes each sub-application in the locator hierarchy tree as an application tree with the relevant application domain context. At the root level in the locator attribute table, Flex 4.x sub-applications use the SparkApplication class. Flex 3.x sub-applications use the FlexApplication class.

For information on the supported versions and potential known issues, refer to the Release Notes.

Sample Applications

To access the Silk Test Classic sample Flex applications, go to http://demo.borland.com/flex/SilkTest20.0/index.html.

Object Recognition

Flex applications support hierarchical object recognition and dynamic object recognition. You can create tests for both dynamic and hierarchical object recognition in your test environment. You can use both recognition methods within a single test case if necessary. Use the method best suited to meet your test requirements.

When you record a test case with the Open Agent, Silk Test Classic creates locator keywords in an INC file to create scripts that use dynamic object recognition and window declarations.

Existing Flex test cases that use hierarchical object recognition or dynamic object recognition without locator keywords in an INC file are supported. You can replay these tests, but you cannot record new tests with hierarchical object recognition or dynamic object recognition without locator keywords in an INC file. However, you can manually create tests as needed. Then, replay the tests at your convenience. For instance, any test cases that you recorded with Silk Test 2008 use hierarchical object recognition. You can replay these tests in Silk Test Classic.

Supported Controls

For a complete list of the record and replay controls available for Flex testing, refer to the Flex Class Reference in the 4Test Language section of the Help.

The Silk Test Classic Flex Automation SDK is based on the Automation API for Flex. The Silk Test Classic Automation SDK supports the same components in the same manner that the Automation API for Flex supports them. For instance, the typekey statement in the Flex Automation API does not support all keys. You can use the input text statement to resolve this issue. For more information about using the Flex Automation API, refer to the Apache Flex Release Notes.

Agent Support

When you create a Silk Test Classic Flex project, the Open Agent is assigned as the default Agent.