Supported SWT Widgets for the Open Agent

When you configure a Java SWT/RCP application, Silk Test Classic automatically provides built-in support for testing standard Java SWT/RCP controls.

The following table lists the Java SWT/RCP widgets that Silk Test Classic supports with the Open Agent and their related 4Test classes:

Widget Name Related 4Test Classes
Browser SWTBrowser
CBanner CBanner
CoolBar CoolBar
CoolItem CoolItem
CTabFolder CTabFolder
CTabItem CTabItem
DateTime SWTDateTime
ExpandBar ExpandBar
ExpandItem ExpandItem
  • HorizontalSash
  • Sash
  • VerticalSash
SashForm SashForm
ScrollableControl ScrollableControl
ScrolledComposite ScrolledComposite
Shell Shell
Spinner Spinner
StyledText StyledText
TabControl SWTTabControl
TabItem SWTTabItem
Table SWTTable
TableColumn SWTTableColumn
TableRow SWTTableRow
Tree SWTTree
TreeColumn SWTTreeColumn
ViewForm ViewForm

You can also view a list of the supported Java SWT/RCP controls in the file. To access the file, navigate to the <Silk Test Classic directory>\extend\JavaSWT directory. By default, this file is located in C:\Program Files\Silk Test Classic\Silk Test Classic\extend\JavaSWT\

For additional information about the controls, refer to the Eclipse Platform Plug-in Developer Guide.

Note: Any known problems with SWT controls can be reproduced in Silk Test Classic.