Overview of the Methods Supported by the Silk Test Agents

The winclass.inc file includes information about which methods are supported for each Silk Test Classic Agent. The following 4Test keywords indicate Agent support:
Supported on the Classic Agent only.
Supported on the Open Agent only.

Standard 4Test methods, such as AnyWin::GetCaption(), can be marked with one of the preceding keywords. A method that is marked with the supported_ca or supported_oa keyword can only be executed successfully on the corresponding Agent. Methods that do not have a keyword applied will run on both Agents.

To find out which methods are supported on each Agent, open the .inc file, for instance winclass.inc, and verify whether the supported_ca or supported_oa keyword is applied to it.

Classic Agent

Certain functions and methods run on the Classic Agent only. When these are recorded and replayed, they default to the Classic Agent automatically. You can use these in an environment that uses the Open Agent. Silk Test Classic automatically uses the appropriate Agent. The functions and methods include:
  • C data types for use in calling functions in DLLs.
  • ClipboardClass methods.
  • CursorClass methods.
  • Certain SYS functions.