Library Browser Not Displaying User-Defined Methods


You add a description for a user-defined method and a user-defined function to 4test.txt. After restarting Silk Test Classic, the new description for the function displays in the Library Browser, but not the description for the method. So you know that the modified 4test.txt file is being used, but your user-defined method is not being displayed in the Library Browser.


Only methods defined in a class definition (that is, in your include file where your class is defined) will display in the Library Browser. For example, MyAccept will be displayed.

winclass DialogBox:DialogBox
Boolean MyAccept()

Methods you define for an individual object are not displayed in the Library Browser. For example, MyDialogAccept will not display.

DialogBox MyDialog
tag "My Dialog" 
Boolean MyDialogAccept()

In order to display in the Library Browser, the description in your 4test.txt file must have a return type that matches the return type in your include file declaration. If the 4test.txt description has no returns statement, then the declaration must be for a return type of void (either specified explicitly or by defaulting to type void). Otherwise, the description will not display in the Library Browser.

For more information about adding information to the Library Browser, see Adding to the Library Browser.