Recording a Test Case for the Insurance Company Web Site

  1. Click Record Testcase on the Basic Workflow bar. The Record Testcase dialog box opens.
  2. Type the name of your test case in the Testcase name field.

    For example, type ZipTest.

    Test case names are not case sensitive; they can be any length and consist of any combination of alphabetic characters, numerals, and underscore characters.

  3. From the Application State list box, select DefaultBaseState to have the built-in recovery system restore the default base state before the test case begins executing. If you choose DefaultBaseState as the application state, the test case is recorded in the script file as: testcase testcase_name ().
  4. If you do not want Silk Test Classic to display the status window during playback when driving the application to the specified base state, uncheck the Show AppState status window check box.

    Typically, you check this check box. However, in some circumstances it is necessary to hide the status window. For instance, the status bar might obscure a critical control in the application you are testing.

  5. Click Start Recording. Silk Test Classic:
    • Closes the Record Testcase dialog box.
    • Starts your application, if it is not already running
    • Removes the editor window from the display.
    • Displays the Recording window.
    • Waits for you to take further action.
  6. In the insurance company web site, perform the following steps:
    1. From the Select a Service or login list box, select Auto Quote. The Automobile Instant Quote page opens.
    2. Type a zip code and email address in the appropriate fields, click an automobile type, and then click Next.
    3. Specify an age, click a gender and driving record type, and then click Next.
    4. Specify a year, make, and model, click the financial info type, and then click Next. A summary of the information you specified displays.
    5. Point to the Zip Code that you specified and press Ctrl+Alt to add a verification to the script. You can add a verification for any of the information that displays. The Verify Properties dialog box opens.
    6. Check the textContents check box and then click OK. A verification action is added to the script for the zip code text.
    An action that corresponds with each step is recorded.
  7. To review what you have recorded, click Stop in the Recording window.

    Silk Test Classic displays the Record Testcase dialog box, which contains the code that has been recorded for you.

  8. Click Paste to Editor.
  9. Click File > Save.

Replay the test to ensure that it works as expected. You can modify the test to make changes if necessary.