GetJVMInfo Function


JavaMainWin and JavaApplet.


Gets information about the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) that is running a standalone Java application or Java applet. You can also use the GetJVMInfo function to get information about the platform on which SilkBean is running.


laJVMInfo = QapJava.GetJVMInfo (sJVMQuery);
Variable Description

The requested information or an indication of failure. LIST OF ANYTYPE.

If the method is successful, the first element is the boolean TRUE and the second element is the requested information.

If the method fails, the first element is FALSE, with an optional second element indicating the reason of failure.

sJVMQuery The desired information about the JVM. STRING.


You can pass the following string values in sJVMQuery:

  • "JavaVersion"
  • "JavaVendor"
  • "OSName"
  • "OSArch"
  • "OSVersion"
  • "BorlandVersion"
  • "TotalMemory "


LIST OF ANYTYPE laVendor = {}


laVendor = MyApp.GetJVMInfo("JavaVendor") 

In this example, GetJVMInfo might return:
{TRUE, "Sun Microsystems Inc."}