Storing Project Information

Silk Test Classic stores project-related information in the following project files:
The project file has a Verify Test Project (.vtp) extension and is organized as an .ini file. It stores the names and locations of files used by the project.
The project initialization file, similar to the partner.ini file, stores information about options sets, queries, and other resources included in your project.
A user-specific initialization file that stores user-specific information about the location of the last projects, the size of the project history, and the location of the current project.

These files are created in the projectname folder. When you create your project, Silk Test Classic prompts you to store your project in the default location C:\Users\<Current user>\Documents\Silk Test Classic Projects. Silk Test Classic creates a <Project name> folder within the specified directory, saves the projectname.vtp and projectname.ini to this location and copies the extension .ini files, which are appexpex.ini, axext.ini, domex.ini, and javaex.ini, to the extend subdirectory. If you do not want to save your project in the default location, click Browse and specify the folder in which you want to save your project.

When you export a project, the default location is the project directory.

Note: The extension .ini files, which are appexpex.ini, axext.ini, domex.ini, and javaex.ini, located in your <Silk Test Classic installation directory>\extend folder are copied to the extend directory of your project, regardless of what extension you have enabled. Do not rename the extend directory; this directory must exist in order for Silk Test Classic to open your project.

You can have Silk Test Classic automatically enable the appropriate extension using the basic workflow bar, or you can manually enable extensions. The current project uses the extension options in the extension .ini file copied to the extend directory of your project. Any modifications you make to the options for this enabled extension will be saved to the copy stored within the current project in the extend directory.

The extend directory is used only for local testing on the host machine. If you want to test on remote agent machines, you must copy the .ini files from the extend directory of your project to the extend directory on the target machines.

File references

Whether you are emailing, packaging, or adding files to a project, it is important to understand how Silk Test Classic stores the path of the file. The .vtp files of Silk Test Classic use relative paths for files on the same root drive and absolute paths for files with different root drives. The use of relative and absolute file paths is not configurable and cannot be overridden. If you modify the .vtp file to change file references from relative paths to absolute paths, the next time you open and close the project it will have relative paths and your changes will be lost.