Disconnect Function


Disconnects a machine.


Disconnect (hMachine)
Variable Description
hMachine A handle to the machine to disconnect from. HMACHINE.


You retrieve the handle to the machine (type HMACHINE) in the call to Connect or GetMachine.

An exception is raised if the machine is already disconnected or if a bad machine handle was specified.

If you are running a distributed test and connect to an agent machine, exiting the script before you call the Disconnect function will prevent Pass and Fail totals from being reported to the results files.


HMACHINE target_machine // target computer 
STRING sTarget = "sunfish" // target's network name 

// save target's handle 
target_machine = Connect (sTarget) 
// determine what is currently active on the target 
Print ("Active on Target: ", Desktop.GetActive()) 

Disconnect (target_machine) // disconnect from target