Viewing Methods for a Class in the Library Browser

4Test classes have methods and properties. When you select the Methods or Properties tabs in the Library Browser, you see a list of all the built-in and user-defined classes in hierarchical form.

To see the methods or properties for a class:

  1. Click Help > Library Browser, and then click the Methods or Properties tab.
  2. Select the class in the Classes list box. Double-click a + box to expand the hierarchy. Double-click a box to collapse the hierarchy. The methods or properties for the selected class are displayed. By default, only those methods or properties that are defined by the class are displayed. To see all methods or properties that are available to the class (that is, methods or properties also defined by an ancestor of the class), select the Include inherited check box. To see all methods or properties (even those not available to the selected class), select the Include all check box.
  3. Select a method or property. Information about the selected method or property is displayed.

If the Library Browser is not displaying your user-defined objects, close the Library Browser, recompile the include files that contain your user-defined objects (Run > Compile), and then re-open the Library Browser.