Linking the Test Plan to Scripts and Test Cases

After you create your test plan, you can associate the appropriate 4Test scripts and test cases that implement your test plan. You create this association by inserting script and testcase statements in the appropriate locations in the test plan.

There are three ways to link a script or test case to a test plan:
  • Linking a description to a script or test case using the Testplan Detail dialog box if you want to automate the process of linking scripts and test cases to the test plan.
  • Linking to a test plan manually.
  • Linking scripts and test cases to a test plan: the test plan editor automatically inserts the script and testcase statements into the plan once the recording is finished, linking the plan to the 4Test code.

You can insert a script and testcase statement for each test description, although placing a statement at the group level when possible eliminates redundancy in the test plan. For example, since it is usually good practice to place all the test cases for a given application feature into a single script file, you can reduce the redundancy in the test plan by specifying the script statement at the group level that describes that feature.

You can also insert a testcase statement at the group level, although doing so is only appropriate when the test case is data driven, meaning that it receives test data from the plan. Otherwise the same test case would be called several times with no difference in outcome.