GetAppStateList Function


Returns the names of all the application state functions on which the specified function is based.


lsAppState = GetAppStateList (sFunctionName)
Variable Description
lsAppState List of application states on which sFunctionName is based, in the order they would be called. LIST OF STRING.
sFunctionName Name of an application state or test case function. STRING.


GetAppStateList allows you to access your test cases or application states programmatically, as specified by the BASEDON keyword.

The function returns an error if the specified function is not defined or is not a test case or application state function.


[ ] appstate State1() basedon DefaultBaseState
[ ] appstate State2() basedon State1
[-] testcase Test1() appstate State2
	[ ] 
	[-] main()
		[ ] ListPrint(GetAppStateList("Test1"))
		[ ] //Prints
		[ ] // ("DefaultBaseState", "State1", "State2")