Active and Enabled Statuses

Silk Test Classic provides two options to help you specify whether to raise an exception when particular methods are called on windows:

How to Read the Status Tables

The following table for window settings explains the interaction between these options and Silk Test Classic methods, showing the following information for each method:
  • Whether it requires that a window be active or enabled.
  • Whether it verifies that the window is active or enabled if the options are set to TRUE, raising an exception if the window is not in the correct state.
  • Whether it never checks active or enabled status, regardless of the setting of the options.
Note: You might have to extend your help window so you can see all the columns of the following table.
  Always requires& If option is TRUE& Never checks that&
Method Active window Enabled window Verifies active Verifies enabled Status is active Status is enabled
Accept x x        
CaptureBitmap         x x
Check x x        
ClearText x x        
ClearTrap         x x
Click (AnyWin)     x x    
Click (PushButton) x x        
ClickCell         x x
Close x x        
CloseWindows         x x
Collapse x x        
Decrement x x        
Dismiss x x        
DisplayMessage         x x
DoubleClick     x x    
DoubleSelect x x        
EnterCellText         x x
Exists         x x
Exit         x x
Expand x x        
ExposeItem x x        
ExtendSelect x x        
FindCell         x x
FindColumn         x x
FindItem     x x    
FindPage     x x    
FindRow         x x
FlushEvents         x x
GenerateDecl         x x
GetActive         x x
GetAppId         x x
GetArrayProperty         x x
GetBitmapCRC         x x
GetCaption         x x
GetCellRect         x x
GetCellText         x x
GetChildren         x x
GetClass         x x
GetCloseWindows         x x
GetColumnCount (ListView)     x x    
GetColumnCount (guptaTable)         x x
GetColumnName (ListView)     x x    
GetColumnName (GuptaTable)            
GetColumnNames         x x
GetColumnText         x x
GetContents (AnyWin, GuptaTable)     x x    
GetContents (other classes)     x x    
GetCurrentCell         x x
GetCurrentColumn         x x
GetCurrentRow         x x
GetDefaultButton     x x    
GetDimensions         x x
GetEverything     x x    
GetFocus         x x
GetFontName     x x    
GetFontSize     x x    
GetHandle         x x
GetHelpText         x x
GetID         x x
GetIndex         x x
GetItemCount     x x    
GetItemLevel     x x    
GetItemRect     x x    
GetItemText     x x    
GetMultiSelIndex     x x    
GetMultiSelText     x x    
GetMultiText     x x    
GetName         x x
GetNextCloseWindow         x x
GetOption         x x
GetPageCount     x x    
GetPageSize     x x    
GetParent         x x
GetPosition     x x    
GetPriorStatic         x x
GetProperty         x x
GetPropertyList         x x
GetRange     x x    
GetRangeText         x x
GetRect         x x
GetResource         x x
GetResourceList         x x
GetRowCount         x x
GetRowText         x x
GetSelIndex     x x    
GetSelRange     x x    
GetSelText     x x    
GetState (CheckBox)     x x    
GetState (MoveableWin)         x x
GetStatusLine     x x    
GetSubItemCount     x x    
GetSubItems     x x    
GetText     x x    
GetTitle     x x    
GetType         x x
GetView     x x    
HasFocus         x x
HasSubPages     x x    
Increment x x        
Invoke x x        
IsActive         x x
IsArrayProperty         x x
IsBold     x x    
IsChecked     x x    
IsDefined         x x
IsEmpty         x x
IsEnabled         x x
IsExtendSel     x x    
IsItalic     x x    
IsItemEditable     x x    
IsItemExpandable     x x    
IsItemExpanded     x x    
IsMultiSel     x x    
IsMultiText     x x    
IsPressed     x x    
IsRichText     x x    
IsUnderline     x x    
Maximize x x        
Minimize x x        
Move x x        
MoveMouse     x x    
MultiClick     x x    
MultiSelect x x        
MultiUnselect x x        
Pick x x        
PopupSelect x x        
PressItem x x        
PressKeys     x x    
PressMouse     x x    
PrintCellText         x x
PrintColumnText         x x
PrintContents         x x
PrintRangeText         x x
PrintRowText         x x
ReleaseItem x x        
ReleaseKeys     x x    
ReleaseMouse     x x    
Restore   x     x  
ScrollByLine x x        
ScrollByPage x x        
ScrollToMax x x        
ScrollToMin x x        
Select x x        
SelectList x x        
SelectRange x x        
SelectSubItem x x        
SetActive   x     x  
SetArrayProperty         x x
SetCellText         x x
SetColumnName         x x
SetColumnText         x x
SetContents         x x
SetCurrentCell         x x
SetCurrentColumn         x x
SetCurrentRow         x x
SetFocus   x     x  
SetMultiText x x        
SetOption         x x
SetPosition x x        
SetProperty         x x
SetRangeText         x x
SetRowText         x x
SetSelRange x x        
SetState x x        
SetText x x        
SetToMax x x        
SetToMin x x        
SetTrap         x x
Size x x        
Start         x x
TearOff x x        
TimeAutoScroll x x        
Toggle x x        
TypeKeys     x x    
Uncheck x x        
VerifyActive         x x
VerifyBitmap         x x
VerifyCaption         x x
VerifyCellText         x x
VerifyColumnText         x x
VerifyContents (GuptaTable)         x x
VerifyContents         x x
VerifyDefaultButton         x x
VerifyEnabled         x x
VerifyEverything         x x
VerifyFocus         x x
VerifyPosition         x x
VerifyRange         x x
VerifyRangeText         x x
VerifyRowText         x x
VerifySelRange         x x
VerifySelText         x x
VerifyValue         x x
Wait         x x
WaitBitmap         x x
WaitCellText         x x