Window is not active


You run a script and get the following error: Error: Window 'name' is not active.

This error means that the object Silk Test Classic is trying to act on is not active. This message applies to top-level windows (MainWin, DialogBox, ChildWin).


You can correct the error by doing one of the following:

  1. Edit the script and add an explicit SetActive() statement to the window you are trying to act on just above the line where the error is occurring. An easy way to do this is to double-click the error in the results file. You will be brought to the line in the script. Insert a new line above it and add a line ending with the SetActive() method.

  2. Tell Silk Test Classic not to verify that windows are active. There are two ways to do this:

    To turn off the verification globally, uncheck the Verify that windows are active option on the Verification tab in the Agent Options dialog (Options > Agent).

    To turn off the option in your script on a case by case basis, add the following statement to the script, just before the line causing the error: Agent.SetOption(OPT_VERIFY_EXPOSED, FALSE).

  3. Then add the following line just after the line causing the error: Agent.SetOption(OPT_VERIFY_EXPOSED, TRUE).

    This means Silk Test Classic will execute the action regardless of whether the window is active.

  4. Extend the window time out to be greater than 10 by inserting the Agent - Window Timeout to >= 10 into your partner.ini.