ScrollByLine Method




Scrolls the scroll bar line by line.


bTest = scrollbar.ScrollByLine (iAmount)
Variable Description
bTest TRUE if the scroll operation changes the scroll bar’s position. FALSE if the operation doesn’t change the scroll bar’s position. BOOLEAN.
iAmount The direction and number of lines to scroll. If positive, ScrollByLine scrolls the specified number of lines down or to the right. If negative, ScrollByLine scrolls the specified number of lines up or to the left. INTEGER.


iAmount represents the number of times Silk Test Classic should click on one of the arrows in the scroll bar. iAmount does not necessarily correspond to the internal position or range of the scroll bar, because one click on an arrow does not necessarily result in a change of one internal unit. However, if iAmount does change the scroll bar’s position, the method returns TRUE.


	[ ] INTEGER i
	[ ] SBRANGE Range
	[ ] Range = Open.Files.GetRange ()
	[ ] Open.Files.VScrollBar.ScrollToMin ()
	[-] for i = Range.iMin to Range.iMax
		[ ] Open.Files.VScrollBar.ScrollByLine (1)