Reserved Words

What Kinds of Words are Reserved

Keywords are special identifiers that are reserved by the 4Test compiler. You can use a keyword only as a keyword, not as an identifier name or function name. Case is significant in keywords, so "exit" is a reserved word, but "EXIT" and "Exit" are not.

Type names, shown in CAPITALS below, are also reserved by the compiler. You can use a type name only as a type name, not as an identifier name or function name. Unlike keywords, type names are not case-sensitive, so "CHAR" and "char" are both reserved words.

The boolean constants TRUE and FALSE are also reserved by the compiler and are case insensitive.

For a list of additional keywords that you use when creating test plans, see Testplan Editor Keywords.

List of Reserved Words

The following are reserved words in the 4Test language:

access default in property switch
alias derived inout public tag
ANYTYPE dll INT raise testcase
appstate do INTEGER REAL this
ARRAY DOUBLE is record to
attribute each LIST rendezvous TRUE
basedon else locator reraise type
break except none select unsupported
builtin exit null SEMAPHORE use
case extern NUMBER SET varargs
CHAR FALSE OBJ share void
const FLOAT obsolete SHORT while
continue for OF size winclass
currentfile goto optional spawn WINDOW
currentpath GUITYPE out step  
critical HANDLE parallel STRING  
DATACLASS hidecalls parent supported_ca  
DATATYPE if private supported_oa