Testing Mobile Applications

Silk Test Workbench enables you to automatically test your native mobile applications (apps) and mobile web applications. Automatically testing your mobile applications with Silk Test Workbench provides the following benefits:
  • It can significantly reduce the testing time of your mobile applications.
  • You can create your tests once and then test your mobile applications on a large number of different devices and platforms.
  • You can ensure the reliability and performance that is required for enterprise mobile applications.
  • It can increase the efficiency of QA team members and mobile application developers.
  • Manual testing might not be efficient enough for an agile-focused development environment, given the large number of mobile devices and platforms on which a mobile application needs to function.
Note: To test native mobile applications or hybrid applications with Silk Test Workbench, you require a native mobile license. For additional information, see Licensing Information.
Note: Silk Test Workbench provides support for testing mobile apps on both Android and iOS devices.

For information on the supported operating system versions and the supported browsers for testing mobile applications, refer to the Release Notes.