Testing Google Chrome Extensions

You can use one of the following two approaches to test a Google Chrome extension (add-on) with Silk Test Workbench:
Install the extension as a .crx file when starting Google Chrome
To test a Google Chrome extension that is installed as a .crx file, add the following command line to the base state:
chrome.exe --load-extension=C:/myExtension/myExtension.crx
Note: You can only install a single extension in Google Chrome as a .crx file. To install multiple extensions in Google Chrome, use a comma separated list of .crx files. For example:
chrome.exe --load-extension=C:/myExtension/myExtension.crx,C:/myExtension2/myExtension2.crx

For information on adding command line arguments to a browser, see Modifying the Base State.

Add the extension to a profile
Add the extension to a Google Chrome user data directory and use that profile for testing. For additional information, see Testing Google Chrome with User Data Directories.