Adding Multiple Images to the Same Image Asset

During testing, you will often need to test functionality on multiple environments and with different testing configurations. In a different environment, the actual image might differ in such a degree from the image that you have captured in the image asset, that image clicks might fail, although the image is existing. In such a case, you can add multiple images to the same image asset.

To add an additional image to an image asset:

  1. Choose View > Asset Browser or select Get Started > Asset Browser in the Start Screen.
  2. In the Asset Types list, select Image Asset
  3. Double-click on the image asset to which you want to add an additional image. The image asset UI opens.
  4. Click on the plus sign in the lower part of the UI to add a new image to the image asset.
  5. Click Save to save the image asset into the Silk Test Workbench repository, or click Save and close to additionally close the image asset UI.
The new image is added to the asset. Each time an image click is called, and until a match is achieved, Silk Test Workbench will compare the images in the asset with the images in the UI of the application under test. By default, Silk Test Workbench compares the images in the order in which they have been added to the asset.
Note: To change the order in which Silk Test Workbench compares the images, click on an image in the lower part of the image asset UI and drag the image to the position that you want. The order lowers from left to right. The image that is compared first is the image in the left-most position.