Prerequisites for Testing Oracle Forms

To test an application that is built with Oracle Forms, the following prerequisites need to be fulfilled:
  • The next-generation Java Plug-In needs to be enabled. This setting is enabled by default. You can change the setting in the Java Control Panel. For additional information on the next-generation Java Plug-In, refer to the Java documentation.
  • To prevent Java security dialogs from displaying during a test run, the Applet needs to be signed.
  • Micro Focus recommends that the Oracle Forms developer enables the Names property. When this property is enabled, the Oracle Forms runtime exposes the internal name, which is the name that the developer of the control has specified for the control, as the Name property of the control. Otherwise, Silk Test Workbench calculates a value for the Silk Test Workbench Name attribute, which usually consists of the class name of the control plus an index. This enables Silk Test Workbench to generate stable locators for controls.