Custom Attributes for Apache Flex Applications

Apache Flex applications use the predefined property automationName to specify a stable identifier for the Apache Flex control as follows:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <s:Group xmlns:fx=""
      xmlns:mx="library://" width="400" height="300">
    <s:Button x="247" y="81" label="Button" id="button1" enabled="true" click="button1_clickHandler(event)"
    <s:Label x="128" y="123" width="315" height="18" id="label1" verticalAlign="middle"
        text="awaiting your click" textAlign="center"/>
Apache Flex application locators look like the following:
Attention: For Apache Flex applications, the automationName is always mapped to the locator attribute caption in Silk Test Workbench. If the automationName attribute is not specified, Silk Test Workbench maps the property ID to the locator attribute caption.