Setting SAP/R3 Login Parameters

The SAP/R3 login parameters are used to log on to the SAP/R3 database. You can use Silk Test Workbench to log on to the SAP/R3 database to retrieve and transfer BLOBs between Silk Test Workbench and eCATT.
  1. Perform one of the following:
    1. Click the Change Login Parameters button from the Save BLOB dialog box.
    2. Click Tools > SAP eCATT > SAP/R3 Login Parameters from the Silk Test Workbench menu.

    The SAP/R3 Login dialog box appears. If you are connected to eCATT, established logon parameters appear. You only need to re-enter your password to log on. If you are already connected, proceed with step 3.

    If you are currently disconnected from eCATT, you must perform a one-time log on to the SAP eCATT database. SAP keeps logon information, so once logged in, only a password is required to reconnect for data transfer.

  2. Type your three-digit SAP Specific Client session number in the Client field. Refer to SAP SDK documentation for more information about the client number.
  3. Type your SAP/R3 database logon User ID in the Username field.
  4. Type your SAP/R3 password in the Password field.
  5. Type a valid SAP language code in the Language field.
  6. Click OK to connect, or click Cancel to exit without connecting.