Recording a Test Against an Application with an Implemented UI Automation Provider Interface

Use the Interactive Recording window to record a test against a windows-based application which has implemented UI Automation provider interfaces.
Note: Silk Test Workbench supports testing Windows-based applications that have implemented UI Automation on machines with Microsoft Windows 8 or later.
To record a new test for a windows-based application which has implemented UI Automation provider interfaces:
  1. Choose File > New.
    The New Asset dialog box opens.
  2. Select the test type that you want to record.
    • To record a new .NET script, select .NET Script from the asset types list.
    • To record a new visual test, select Visual test from the asset types list.
  3. Type a name for the new test into the Asset name field.
  4. Check the Begin Recording check box to start recording immediately.
  5. Click OK. The Select Application dialog appears.
  6. Select the Windows tab.
  7. Select the application that you want to test.
  8. Click OK.
  9. The Interactive Recording window opens and displays the application under test. Perform the actions that you want to record.
    1. Click on the object with which you want to interact. Silk Test Workbench performs the default action for the object. If there is no default action, or if you have to insert text or specify parameters, the Choose Action dialog box opens.
    2. Optional: To chose an action for an object, which might not be the default action, right-click on the object. The Choose Action dialog box opens.
    3. Optional: If the action has parameters, type the parameters into the parameter fields. Silk Test Workbench automatically validates the parameters.
    4. Click OK to close the Choose Action dialog box. Silk Test Workbench adds the action to the recorded actions and replays it on the mobile device or emulator.
    During recording, Silk Test Workbench displays the mouse position next to the recording window. You can toggle the location to switch between displaying the absolute mouse position on the device display and the mouse position in relation to the active object. For additional information about the actions available during recording, see Actions Available During Recording.
  10. Click Stop. The Record Complete dialog box opens.
  11. Click OK.

Replay the test to ensure that it works as expected. You can modify the test to make changes if necessary.