Usability Enhancements

This section lists usability enhancements that have been made in Silk Test 20.0.

Easily select mobile applications for testing

You can now easily select mobile applications from the UI, including the following:
  • Mobile applications that are already installed on the selected mobile device.
  • Mobile applications that are available in Mobile Center.
  • Mobile applications from your network. Silk Test will install the selected application on the selected mobile device.

Encrypting passwords in the UI

Silk Test Workbench now supports encrypting passwords in the UI.

Support for <datalist> elements in web applications

Silk Test Workbench now supports testing <datalist> elements in web applications.

Handling database limits

To assist in avoiding performance issues, Silk Test Workbench will now inform you if the occupied size of the Silk Test Workbench database exceeds a threshold percentage of the full available size.

Current user

Silk Test Workbench now provides a new variable for the user that has executed a visual test or a VB .NET script.

Undo/Redo in visual tests

Silk Test Workbench now supports undoing changes while editing a visual test.

Generating results for JUnit

To generate Silk Test Workbench results in a format that can be used by JUnit, the STW.EXE command line now allows you to specify the additional parameter resultformat with the value JUnit.