BaseState Class


The BaseState class ensures that the application under test is running and ready for testing. Additionally the class is used to bring the application to the front.

If you try to attach the agent to the application and the test object, which is specified by the BaseState.Locator, is found, the base state brings the window containing the test object to the front and returns the found test object immediately. If the test object is not found the application is started with the command line as specified in baseStateInfo and the agent attaches to the application. The agent waits until the test object is found. You can specify the timeout for the wait with the option Options.ObjectResolveTimeout. The default value for the timeout is 30 seconds. To change the timeout see Desktop.SetOption(String, Object). You can also change the timeout in the UI by editing the Application ready timeout under Playback > Timing in the Options dialog box. If the test object is found within the given timeout the window that contains the test object is brought to the front and the found test object is returned. If no test object is found after the timeout an exception is thrown.

Inheritance Hierarchy

BaseState does not derive from any class, and no classes derive from it.


Public Class BaseState _
Implements IBaseState


Name Description
CommandLineArguments Gets or sets the command-line arguments.
CommandLinePattern Gets or sets the command-line pattern.
ExecutablePattern Gets or sets the executable pattern.
Executable Gets the name of the executable.
Locator Returns the locator of the executable.
TechDomains Gets or sets the list of tech domains to be used for testing.
WorkingDirectory Gets or sets the working directory.