Working with BLOBs

A Binary Large Object (BLOB) is a container used to transfer test scripts or visual tests between SAP eCATT and Silk Test Workbench. Information in a BLOB also includes all related assets, except results, that belong to the .NET script or visual test, including other .NET scripts or visual tests.

In addition to the related test assets, a BLOB also contains all the option settings that belong to the test script(s) or visual test(s).

BLOBs are XML documents. The BLOB format is only used in Silk Test Workbench internally. The BLOB data itself cannot be interpreted by external systems.

Only the most recently saved version of a BLOB is stored in the SAP eCATT database. Previous versions are not preserved. Once a specific BLOB is opened for editing/debugging by one user, it cannot be accessed by other users until it is resubmitted to the database. When this happens, the previous version is overwritten.

A BLOB is created (saved) in Silk Test Workbench. When saved, a BLOB is transported from Silk Test Workbench to the SAP/R3 database through the RFC interface that exists between Silk Test Workbench and eCATT.