Exporting Arguments From a .NET Script to an eCATT Script

Pass eCATT script arguments used in a VB .NET script in Silk Test Workbench to an eCATT script to use the arguments in that script.

To export eCATT script arguments from a .NET script to an eCATT script:

  1. Open the .NET script from which you want to export arguments to an eCATT script.
  2. Determine which arguments are to be exported to the eCATT script.
  3. Use the eCATT Argument Container dialog box in Silk Test Workbench to create eCATT script export arguments that can be used in the .NET script.
  4. Use the SetECATTArg function of the Workbench class to export the eCATT script argument. For example:
    The example exports the script argument TestName from the .NET script to the script argument OUTPUTNAME in eCATT.
    Note: The specified eCATT script argument must match one of the argument names that you have defined in the eCATT Argument Container.