Integrating Silk Test Workbench with Silk Central

Integrate Silk Test Workbench and Silk Central to enable collaboration between technical and less-technical users.
When Silk Test Workbench and Silk Central are integrated and a library with the same name as the active Silk Test Workbench project exists in Silk Central, the Keywords view under View > Keywords displays all keywords from the Silk Central library in addition to any keywords defined in the active Silk Test Workbench project.
Note: The Silk Central connection information is separately stored for every Silk Test Workbench user, which means every Silk Test Workbench user that wants to work with keywords and keyword sequences from Silk Central must integrate Silk Test Workbench with Silk Central.
Integrating Silk Test Workbench with Silk Central provides you with the following advantages:
  • Test management and execution is handled by Silk Central.
  • Keywords are stored in the Silk Central database (upload library) and are available to all projects in Silk Central.
  • Manual tests can be directly automated in Silk Central and the created keyword-driven tests can be executed in Silk Test Workbench from Silk Central.
Note: In Silk Test Workbench, you can edit and execute keyword-driven tests that are located in Silk Test Workbench, and you can execute keyword-driven tests that are stored in Silk Central. To edit a keyword-driven test, which is stored in Silk Central, open the keyword-driven test in the Keyword-Driven Test Editor and click Edit.
  1. From the menu, select Tools > Options. The Options dialog box opens.
  2. In the Options tree, select Silk Central.
  3. Type the URL of your Silk Central server into the URL field. For example, if the Silk Central server name is sctm-server, and the port for Silk Central is 13450, type http://sctm-server:13450.
  4. Specify the web-service token for authentication.

    You can generate a web-service token in the User Settings page of Silk Central, which you can access by clicking on the user name in the Silk Central menu.

    Note: To authenticate with your Silk Central user name and password, you could select User name and password from the Authentication list. However, for security reasons, Micro Focus recommends using a web-service token for authentication instead of sending your user name and password over the network.
  5. Click Verify to verify if Silk Test Workbench can access the Silk Central server with the specified user.
  6. Click OK.