Registering Silk Test Workbench in eCATT

To integrate Silk Test Workbench and eCATT, Silk Test Workbench must be registered in the ECCUST_ET SAP table. The SET_EXTERNAL_TOOL method creates the necessary entries in the ECCUST_ET table. You can call the SET_EXTERNAL_TOOL function module using the SE37 transaction:

  1. On the first screen, enter the function module name SET_EXTERNAL_TOOL.
  2. From the Function Module menu, select Test > Single Test.
  3. In the following window, enter the following parameter values:
    Parameter Value
    TOOL_NAME Silk Test Workbench
    PROG_ID SilkTest.STWEcattControl
    TOOL_DESC Silk Test Workbench for eCATT
    TOOL_NO_PWD <blank>
    TOOL_NO_DB <blank>
  4. Press the Execute button (F8).