Application Configuration Errors

When the program cannot attach to an application, the following error message opens:
Failed to attach to application <Application Name>. For additional information, refer to the Help.

In this case, one or more of the issues listed in the following table may have caused the failure:

Issue Reason Solution
Time out
  • The system is too slow.
  • The size of the memory of the system is too small.
Use a faster system or try to reduce the memory usage on your current system.
User Account Control (UAC) fails You have no administrator rights on the system. Log in with a user account that has administrator rights.
Command-line pattern The command-line pattern is too specific. This issue occurs especially for Java. The replay may not work as intended. Remove ambiguous commands from the pattern.
  • The Select Browser dialog box does not display when running a test against a Web application.
  • Multiple browser instances are started when running a test against a Web application.
  • When running a test against a Web application with a browser instance open, Silk Test Workbench might stop working.
A base state and multiple browser application configurations are defined for the test case. Remove all browser application configurations except one from the test case.
Playback error when running a test

No application configuration is defined for the test.

The following exception might be displayed:

No application configuration present.
  • When running a keyword-driven test, ensure that a keyword which executes the base state is included in the test.
  • Ensure that an application configuration is configured for the current project.