Image Click Recording

Image click recording is disabled by default in favor of coordinate-based click recording, because image click recording might generate a confusingly large number of images.

To enable image click recording, click Tools > Options > Record > General and set the value of Record image clicks to Yes.

Note: When recording on a mobile browser, you do not have to enable image click recording.

When image click recording is enabled, Silk Test Workbench records ImageClick methods when object recognition or text recognition is not possible. You can insert image clicks in your script for any control, even if the image clicks are not recorded.

If you do not whish to record an ImageClick action, you can turn off image click recording and record normal clicks or text clicks.

Note: The recorded images are not reused. Silk Test Workbench creates a new image asset for each image click that you record.
Note: Image click recording is not supported for applications or applets that use the Java AWT/Swing controls.