Replaying a Keyword-Driven Test with Specific Variables

Before you can set the values of variables for the execution of a keyword-driven test, you have to create the keyword-driven test.
  1. Open the keyword-driven test which you want to execute based on the variables.
  2. In the Keyword-Driven Test Editor, click Global Variables. The Global Variables dialog box opens.
  3. In the Variable Name column, type the name for the new variable into the first empty field.
  4. Type a value for the variable into the Value column.
    Note: Do not leave the value field empty, as this might produce wrong test results.
  5. Repeat the previous steps until you have specified all variables that should be used for the test execution.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Open the keyword-driven test that you want to execute.
  8. In theKeyword-Driven Test Editor, edit the parameters to use the new variables. Use the following annotation:
    ${variable name}
    For example, in the following keyword-driven test, the ${current user} parameter uses a global variable:

Whenever the keyword-driven test is executed from Silk Test Workbench, the variables are used.