Timer Class


The Timer class enables you to accurately measure elapsed time.

Among other usages, the methods and properties in the Timer class are used for the timing of test executions that are triggered from Silk Performer. For additional information on integrating Silk Test Workbench with Silk Performer, refer to the Silk Performer Help.

Inheritance Hierarchy

BaseState does not derive from any class, and no classes derive from it.


Public Class Timer


Name Description
Pause Pauses the time measurement.
Resume Resumes the time measurement.
Start Starts or resumes the time measurement.
StartNew Initializes a new Timer instance, sets the elapsed time to zero, and starts measuring elapsed time.
Stop Stops the time measurement.


Name Description
Elapsed Gets the elapsed time span of the timer.
ElapsedMilliseconds Gets the elapsed time span of the timer in milliseconds.
IsRunning Gets whether the timer is currently running or not.
Name Gets or sets the name of the timer which is used for interfacing with Silk Performer.