Visual Navigator: Properties

The Properties pane of the Visual Navigator displays the properties for the selected step in the Test Steps pane of a visual test or the result of a visual test or test script. Properties display as name/value pairs. Values for properties can be a literal value, a variable, or an ActiveData value.

You can use the Properties pane of a visual test to assign values for the properties of the selected step. This allows you to tailor precise information about how Silk Test Workbench interacts with a test application, manages playback, uses variables, or calls other tests of functions. The Properties pane of a result is read-only.

The Properties pane contains a toolbar with the following options:
Groups properties by property category.
Lists properties alphabetically.
Displays the help description panel at the bottom of the Properties pane.
The Properties pane for a result contains an additional toolbar button:
Show/Hide Step Properties of Visual Test Before Playback
Displays the visual test properties of a step as they appeared in the visual test before playback.

Properties that display for a test step are based on the type of step.