Base State

An application’s base state is the known, stable state that you expect the application to be in before each test begins execution. This state may be the state of an application when it is first started. The base state is automatically generated when you select the application that you want to record.

When you record a visual test or script, Silk Test Workbench automatically creates a base state. You can turn the base state on and off to accommodate your test needs. For instance, in certain situations you might want to launch the application window manually. In those instances, turn off the base state. The base state information is part of the application configuration.

Base states are important because they ensure the integrity of your tests. By guaranteeing that each test can start from a stable base state, you can be assured that an error in one test does not cause subsequent tests to fail.

Silk Test Workbench ensures that your application is at its base state before a visual test or script runs.

When an error occurs, Silk Test Workbench stops execution of the test.