Monitoring Variable Use During Visual Test Playback

Silk Test Workbench lets you track the use of variables during visual test playback. Tracking how variables are used and the values they contain during playback can provide valuable information for visual test debugging.

Before playing back a visual test, display the Local Variables window, which indicates the state of variable usage as they are created, used and deleted during visual test playback.

Set breakpoints in a visual test or set one breakpoint and step through test steps during playback with the Local Variables window to get a snapshot of variable use at critical points in the execution of any test.

  1. Open the visual test that contains the variables you want to monitor during playback.
  2. Choose Debug > Local Variables. The Local Variables window opens. You can move, dock, hide, or resize the window.
  3. Set breakpoints as desired to stop playback at selected points to make variable tracking easier.
  4. Playback the visual test. When in debug mode, as playback stops at the selected points, each existing variable and its current value displays in the Local Variables window.
Tip: The Local Variables window also indicates the name of the visual test using the variables. This is useful when playing back multiple visual tests or when one visual test plays back another within its steps.
Tip: To copy a variable from the Local Variables window to the clipboard, right-click on the variable. Select Copy to copy everything for the currently selected variable, including any child variables. Otherwise, select Copy Value to copy only the Value column of the currently selected variable. If the Value column of the variable is empty, this menu item is disabled.