Configuring Flex Applications for Adobe Flash Player Security Restrictions

The security model in Adobe Flash Player 10 has changed from earlier versions. When you record tests that use Flash Player, recording works as expected. However, when you play back tests, unexpected results occur when high-level clicks are used in certain situations. For instance, a File Reference dialog box cannot be opened programmatically and when you attempt to play back this scenario, the test fails because of security restrictions.

To work around the security restrictions, you can perform a low-level click on the button that opens the dialog box. To create a low-level click, add a parameter to the Click method.

For example, instead of using SparkButton::Click(), use SparkButton::Click(MouseButton.Left). A Click() without parameters is a high-level click and a click with parameters (such as the button) is replayed as a low-level click.

  1. Record the steps that use Flash Player.
  2. Navigate to the Click method and add a parameter. For example, to open the Open File dialog box, specify:
    SparkButton("@caption='Open File Dialog…'").Click(MouseButton.Left)
    When you play back the test, it works as expected.