Updating Captured Screens from the Test Application

From the Screen Preview of a visual test or result, you can quickly update previously captured screens for a screen test step. Captured images represent the state of the application before its associated step is executed.

  1. Start the test application.
  2. Navigate the test application to display the window containing the screen whose information requires update in the visual test.
  3. With the visual test open, select the screen step with the screen requiring updating or click the Storyboard thumbnail containing the screen.
  4. Choose Actions > Update Screen. Silk Test Workbench highlights the screen in the test application corresponding to the test step being updated if found. The highlight is a rectangular border that flashes around the test screen. If the screen cannot be found in the test application, a message appears indicating that the window in the test application cannot be located. The window may have been renamed, or window properties changed to prevent Silk Test Workbench from recognizing the window. Click Yes to re-identify the updated window in the test application, or you can identify another window. Click No to return to the visual test without recapturing any window information.
  5. Another message displays asking if you want to update the test step with the updated information captured from the test application screen.
    • Click Yes to update the test step.
    • Click No to close the message box without making any updates to the test step.