RunScript Method




Runs a child script, which is identified by its name, and passes its parameters.


Workbench.RunScript("scriptname", [parameters])
Variable Description
scriptname The name of the child script that you want to run. STRING.
Note: Assets in any project can access assets in the Common project. However, the reverse is not true. To use a script from the project in which you are currently working, you do not need to specify a project qualifier. Specify the "Common" project qualifier to use a script from the Common project in another project.
parameters Optional: The parameters that you want to pass to the main script from the child script. STRING or OBJECT.
Note: Scripts stored in Oracle databases are case sensitive. Any included script from an Oracle database must match the name in the database exactly or Silk Test Workbench fails to load the script.


If your environment uses multiple projects, use a project qualifier to run a script, which is not uniquely named, from the Common project. For example, you might type:
where AddAccount is a script that resides in the Common project as well as the project that you are currently using, and you want to use the script from the Common project rather than your current project.