Identifying a Control for a Visual Test in the Test Application

When you record a test, Silk Test Workbench automatically identifies controls. When the visual test is recorded, you can identify visible controls in the application under test to change controls that are used in the visual test or to manually insert test steps into the visual test.
  1. In the Test Steps pane, select the step for which you want to change the control.
  2. In the Properties pane, expand the Identify a control menu in the Locator text box.
  3. Select Application Under Test.
  4. Move the cursor to the application that you are testing. Controls appear highlighted with a dark border as the cursor passes over them in the application.
    Tip: Press Esc to exit from Identify mode and return to the visual test.
  5. Click the control that you want to use as it is highlighted.
    Note: If editing an automation step that accesses a different class, Silk Test Workbench issues a message indicating that the class accessed by the step has changed and asks if you want to apply the change. Click Yes to update the Locator with the new class and control information, or click No to return to the Visual Navigator without identifying a control.
    The Locator text box is updated with the newly selected control information and this control is used during playback.