Reviewing the Result

Review the results of the script.

  1. Click End to stop playback. The Playback Complete dialog box opens.
  2. Click Go to Result. The AutoQuote result appears with the Summary tab displayed by default.

    The Summary tab displays the overall details of the test run. Note that the Visual tests or .NET Scripts (number of times each ran) field lists AutoQuote(1) and the inserted script, AddAccount(1).

  3. Click the Details tab.
  4. Scroll down to the steps in blue text.

    By reviewing the Result and Result Detail columns, you can quickly find information about any errors that occurred during playback.

    Note: The Failed tab does not display steps containing playback errors. It only displays failed verifications.
You have learned how to diagnose playback errors. For the purposes of this tutorial and to successfully replay the script once, you can manually modify the email in the script to avoid the error. To do so, change
in the AddAccount script to