Visual Navigator in the Result Window

The Result window contains the Visual Navigator, which allows you to quickly see all aspects of test playback.

For visual tests, the Passed tab, Failed tab, Flags tab, and Details tab all contain the four panes of the Visual Navigator:

  • Test Steps
  • Screen Preview
  • Properties
  • Storyboard

Each of the Passed, Failed, Flags, and Details tabs of the Result window organize and display content using the four panes of the Visual Navigator. The Test Steps, Screen Preview, Storyboard, and Properties panes are synchronized with each other and display information specific to a selected step in the Test Steps pane. In the Result window, the Visual Navigator panes contain additional functionality which is described in the following sections.

Test Steps

When viewing a result, the Test Steps pane displays the same information as it does for a visual test with additional data for the result of each test step. You can select a step and update the other panes with information specific to the selected step. Additionally, you can insert a flag, or add a step description to a selected step. You also have the option of displaying results in the Basic view or Advanced view.

Screen Preview

In the screen preview of a result, you can compare the screen captured during recording of a visual test against the screen captured during playback. Select the step in the Test Steps pane that contains the screen to compare, and then from the Screen Preview, click Actions > Show Differences > Side by Side. If you want to update the visual test to contain the screen captured during playback, click Actions > Update Screen.


The Storyboard pane of a result uses icons to indicate the execution status of a verification logic step.


The Properties pane for a result displays the properties of the result and the values captured during playback.

The Properties pane contains a Show/Hide Step Properties of Visual Test Before Playback toolbar button, which allows you to show or hide the visual test properties of a selected step.

For scripts, the Result window displays only the Test Step and Properties panes. The Test Steps pane contains additional columns which provide more information about the playback status and the result of each test step.

To customize the display of result data, you can modify the Default result view from the General options. You can also modify playback results options and create filters to view desired data.

You can display specific properties in the Properties pane by using the Basic view or Advanced view options from the Result window toolbar.