Passing Parameters into a Flex Application at Runtime Using the Flex Automation Launcher

Before you begin this task, prepare your application for run-time loading.

  1. Open the FlexAutomationLauncher.html file or create a file using FlexAutomationLauncher.html as an example.
  2. Navigate to the following section:
    <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
                       "src", "FlexAutomationLauncher",
                       "width", "100%",
                       "height", "100%",
                       "align", "middle",
                       "id", "FlexAutomationLauncher",
                       "quality", "high",
                       "bgcolor", "white",
                       "name", "FlexAutomationLauncher",
                       "type", "application/x-shockwave-flash",
                       "pluginspage", "",
                       "flashvars", "yourParameter=yourParameterValue"+ "&automationurl=YourApplication.swf"
    Note: Do not change the "FlexAutomationLauncher" value for "src", "id", or "name."
  3. Add your own parameter to "yourParameter=yourParameterValue".
  4. Pass the name of the Flex application that you want to test as value for the "& automationurl=YourApplication.swf" value.
  5. Save the file.